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What Will the Classroom of Tomorrow Look Like in Business?

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 10/27/15 6:42 AM
Mark Hemmer

Let's talk about furistic learning. Applying technology to improve classroom learning isn’t a new idea.

There have been sweeping advances in resources, grading, and presentation style. We’ve seen vein-popping saliva-frothing shouting matches about standardized testing and individualized learning.

The only concrete conclusion reached so far is: there’s no ‘best way’ to learn.

But, there are better ways.

For businesses, discovering those better ways is hugely important. The classroom in business can be equally (if not more so) important to the classroom in school. Identifying how to best equip your team to perform at the highest levels is paramount to fostering a culture of learning and progress.

Thus far, businesses all over have used Learning Management Systems to educate and continually train employees. But, most of these systems have fallen far out of date and fail to use even a sliver of the technology now available. Now, there’s a race to innovate and improve these systems.

Here a few ways that educators and business leaders are aiming to update their LMS and embrace the future of learning:

Blended Learning:

Already being tested in some schools, ‘blended learning’ refers to a mix of algorithm-led curriculum and human supervision. The algorithm decides, based on speed of learning and an ‘exit slip’ quiz that measures comprehension, everything from where students sit, to when they’re ready to move on to a new topic.

Technology has a great capacity for eliminating the tedium of teaching – mostly grading. While blended learning gives a classroom structure, instant assessment, and individualized tracks, some people aren’t sold. According to NPR, “What remains unclear is the point at which standardization begins to take away from those other educational hallmarks: creativity and critical thinking.” Still, blended learning is a new concept that is improving. Applying algorithms to LMS could lay solid groundwork for knowing what needs to be taught when and for how long.

Individualized Learning Apps:

Imagine giving each member of your team an iPad as their personal headquarters for your LMS. On that iPad, you could have one or several apps dedicated to individualized learning. You’d have to talk to a team well versed in app development to decide what would be the best fit for your needs. There are already a handful of free apps available that can serve as inspiration for something designed specifically for your business.

Leveraging the available technology can take LMS tools from everyday calculators to something extraordinary. For example, if you needed to teach someone how to service an engine, you could commission an app that allowed him or her to see that engine in 3D, giving a view of every angle before taking action. Or, create an app that gives step-by-step instruction for practical application – opening the door for wearables in the workplace. That could free up hands and give individualized, real-time instruction.


Similar to the concept of the apps discussed above, Gamification takes learning and turns it into a fun diversion. Not only is there more intrinsic motivation to play a game versus sit-and-learn, Gamification can teach tasks from a different angle that can resonate more.

Whether you use it for initial training or continued education, having Gamified apps in your LMS arsenal can make for a more positive work culture and encourage learning.

The days of forcing everyone into a single method of learning are over. Each business needs to examine their best practices for continued education and LMS. Because learning styles are so different, it’s important to cultivate flexible methods for education. Now, more than ever, the material should be able to mold to the individual.

The end result of an updated LMS is a more informed, more equipped team that’s ready to meet your business objectives and bring better ideas to the table.

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