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Why ONEFIRE Puts Customer Success First

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 12/11/18 2:43 PM  | 
Mark Hemmer
3 minute read

CustomerServiceAt INBOUND 2018, HubSpot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah introduced HubSpot's Customer Code during a keynote address. The Customer Code (which is detailed below) is all about solving for customer success. Earlier in the speech, founder and CEO Brian Halligan had announced that the marketing funnel was out and the flywheel was in. Instead of seeing customers as the output of process in the funnel model, the flywheel puts customers in the center and focuses on removing friction to ensure smooth spinning. 

ONEFIRE's team was in attendance that day and we found ourselves nodding along with Brian and Dharmesh. Through first-hand experience, we've learned that putting customer success first is the best approach to doing business. We had plenty of stories to share with other agencies about helping clients grow better. 

Now, we have the opportunity to share some of those stories with you. ONEFIRE is featured in HubSpot's campaign on helping clients grow better in 2019. In the video series, ONEFIRE CEO, Jason Parkinson, talks through owning up to mistakes, acting on feedback, and recognizing when it's time for a client to move on. In 2019, agencies should renew their focus on customer service. When customers are delighted, everybody wins. Nothing builds more momentum for your business than satisfied customers.

While the video covers 3 of the 9 tenets of the Code, here's the full list.

HubSpot's Customer Code:

#1 Earn My Attention, Don't Steal It

#2 Treat Me Like a Person, Not a Persona

#3 Solve For My Success, Not Your Systems

#4 Use My Data, But Don't Abuse It

#5 Ask For Feedback, And Act On It

#6 Own Your Screw-Ups

#7 Help Me Help You, By Helping Myself

#8 I Don't Mind Paying, But I Do Mind Being Played

#9 Don't Block The Exit


Hit the button below and watch Jason explain ONEFIRE's commitment to helping clients grow better. Looking for ways to apply HubSpot's Customer Code and optimize your flywheel? We'd love to have a conversation.