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Working with a Startup Improves Problem Solving for The Enterprise

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/19/17 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer


Startups are, generally, good at problem solving. It makes sense: startups spend significant time staring down problems. As smaller operations, startups need to solve for a myriad of problems in order to survive. That back-against-the-wall mentality (and reality) force startups to get creative and that's a skill that be used to help the enterprise. Partnering with a startup gives the enterprise instant access to knowledge, resources, and ideas that can't be found in the building. Here are a few angles from which the startup can help the enterprise solve problems

Think like an underdog

The enterprise is comfortable in its position. It may have few challengers and keeping the status quo alive qualifies as 'good enough.' And it is... until it isn't. By the time it isn't, it's often too late. The enterprise needs to adopt a new mindset. The startup can help the enterprise learn to think like an underdog. It can show the enterprise how to attack, take chances, and innovate. When the enterprise thinks like an underdog, they approach problem solving differently.

Peel off Red Tape

Then crumple it up and throw it in the trash. In many cases, bureaucracy is standing in the way of the best solution. Over time, the enterprise builds up layers of needless bureaucracy and paperwork. It's done with good intentions (organization, etc), but quickly stops helping and starts hindering. The startup can come in and help evaluate what's helpful and what's hurting problem solving. If the enterprise is getting in its own way, finding that out is important. 

Technology natives

Startups tend to be tech-driven. That's a great resource for the enterprise, which is often a step or two behind. It's hard to apply solutions that you don't know exist. Partnering with a startup can help the enterprise discover new technology and learn how it can be used for business. The startup explores technology, spending time trying new things and dreaming up use cases. The enterprise has talented tech-first minds at its disposal when it partners with a startup. 

If the enterprise wants better problem solving, it should turn to the startup. The startup can help the enterprise think like an underdog, peel off red tape, and leverage nascent technology.

When innovation permeates a company, problem solving becomes easier:

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