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Building Your Business: Content Marketing For Healthcare

Posted by Heather Swick on 4/22/16 10:00 AM  |  2 minute read
Content Marketing for Health Care
Content marketing might not seem like an obvious fit for the healthcare industry, but like most industries out there, the healthcare sector has the potential to reap serious benefits from a marketing plan driven by quality content. This is because when it comes to health, people turn to the internet: According to a Pew Research Center study conducted in 2012,  72% of internet users reported that they looked online for health information over the course of a year. Here are some points to hit in your content marketing for healthcare:


1. Take advantage of news commentary

The healthcare industry has a unique edge in its constant breaking news opportunities. Whether it's a new discovery, controversy or product, there is no shortage of updated material to write about. Share your angle on a news story or how it will affect your particular business, and you're bound to draw readers.

2. Put your content in a video

With more than 50% of online users favoring mobile for searches,  you have to consider what works best for mobile content. In many cases, video is better at drawing in an audience, especially on mobile. Healthcare content can range from fascinating to PhD-level reading, so video can be particularly effective at breaking down and illustrating complicated content. But keep it short: you'll want to keep your videos under two minutes and thirty seconds to best engage your viewers. 

3. Pay attention to FAQ's

If you're wondering what content to focus on, look first to common searches and customer service questions. Is there a question that comes up over and over again? Break it down into a video or blog post. You can expand it and make it interesting, or simply make it easy to find for people searching online. Keep it applicable to the industry rather than specific to your business, and you have a better chance of catching a broader range of potential clients.

4. Avoid complicated jargon

Effectively communicating a message to the masses means making it readable, and this is more challenging in the healthcare field. Always assume you're writing or creating other content for someone who has no previous knowledge of the issue, and that will help you cover all your bases. What does the average person need to know about this? What does it mean for their life? This is going to help you build integrity and trust with your audience.

5. Focus on Wellness

There is more information than ever before available on preventative health measures, and people are interested. Break up the denser, more technical medical content with wellness information to help readers learn to take care of themselves sooner rather than later. Not only is that information important, but it will help you brand your business as a more well-rounded healthcare authority, adding depth to your credibility.

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