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Why You Should Get A Free Content Marketing Certification From HubSpot

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 4/11/16 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
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Content Marketing Certification

Education is a beautiful thing. Even more beautiful, is FREE education. We believe in lifelong learning and readily available, free resources are the treasure chests of those seeking further knowledge.

Content Marketing (or Inbound Marketing) is not a flavor of the month. While it may not completely replace traditional advertising, it is more aligned with how people respond to marketing messages today. Instead of interrupting people's content consumption with advertisements, Content Marketing creates and distributes helpful content that people want to see. In turn, that audience of prospective leads is able to positively interact with a business, become educated about the industry they're interested in buying from, and go through the buying journey comfortably.

For a business, this is the new way to get your message out to people. It's non-intrusive and establishes your business as an authority its space. Inbound Marketing is about telling your story and providing value in a way that draws customers to you, instead of having to chase them down. It makes perfect sense. When you're researching a product or a solution to a problem, what's more helpful: an article that helps you understand the problem and the products that could solve it? Or a pop-up ad that says BUY NOW without context? For most people, it's the former.

Now, that's just a primer. Only a quick introductory look at the concepts behind Content Marketing. If you're interested in learning more, you're in luck! Inbound pioneer HubSpot offers an Inbound Certification academy course that anyone can take from the comfort of their own home. If you're interested in Inbound and are looking for a content marketing certification, this can't be missed.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get a FREE content marketing certification from HubSpot:

1. It's FREE!

If you're in marketing or advertising and have no background in content marketing, this is a great way to lay a foundation you can build upon. It covers everything you need to know about Inbound and helps you understand the 'why' behind each process. Oh, and it costs you nothing! It's free! There are few and precious moments in life when you can improve your knowledge base without a $2,000 textbook and some pre-reqs. This is one of them.

2. It's Fun!

Even when an online course is available, sometimes the information is too dry. Or it's presented in a way that makes it challenging to self-motivate and make it through the material. Learning should be fun! Fortunately, HubSpot's Inbound Certification course is engaging. There's a great mix of videos, quizzes, and the final exam.

3. It Helps!

Learning the Inbound methodology is helpful for everyone involved in business (in or out of marketing). If you want to grow your business and market in a way that endears yourself to potential customers, you'll want to take this course. There are 12 total classes and an exam. It's worth your time to learn about the most successful modern marketing movement.

4. It's FREE! (Remix)

Seriously. It's FREE. There's nothing to lose and an entirely new perspective on marketing to gain.

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