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Mark Hemmer

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4 Strategies for Using Content in Sales

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/24/18 10:00 AM

Content is for more than marketing. While content does an effective job of building brand awareness, boosting SEO, and telling your company's story, it's also a valuable sales tool. Content can make cold calls or emails less awkward. It can help explain complicated products and services. It can nurture leads your marketing efforts have captured. Content can even be used to close deals. What is 'content'? In this case, it's written collateral (like blogs, case studies, and eBooks), video, and AR/VR experiences. Essentially, it's anything that marketing produces that can be integrated into your sales process. When marketing and sales work together, it makes both stronger. Start using these strategies for incorporating content into sales: 

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Bring New Perspective Into Your Building

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/20/18 10:00 AM

The adage goes, 'it's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle.' That's why bringing outside perspective into your building is so critical for your company's long-term success and adaptability. Businesses are at a constant risk of being disrupted by technology. Typically, disruption happens when business leaders fail to see the signs and react accordingly. By bringing in digital consultants, you'll be accounting for your blind spots and can avoid disruption. What can an outside team voice that you're unlikely to find in your own building? 

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Master the Marketing to Sales Hand-Off

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/17/18 10:00 AM

'Smarketing,' like 'blog,' is one of those terms that sounds unserious. As a result, business leaders tend to dismiss it upon first mention. 'Smarketing,' a portmanteau of 'sales' and 'marketing,' is a concept that's too important to dismiss or ignore. Mastering smarketing means mastering sales and marketing at once. In turn, your business is better positioned for long-term success. Your marketing and sales efforts need to be aligned. Getting your marketing and sales teams working together will help your business run more smoothly and it will lead to more closed deals. The biggest question that needs to be answered is: where's the hand-off? Where does marketing end and sales begin? When you answer that essential question, both processes begin to fall into place.

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More Than Staffing: 4 Advantages of In-House Digital Consulting

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/13/18 10:00 AM

When a company reaches out to an agency for staffing, it's typically done because said company is attempting to expedite the hiring process and find qualified candidates to fill seats. On-site digital consulting is different. While it can cut down on the hiring process and does yield qualified candidates, digital consultants do more than fill seats. In-house digital consultants can become an invaluable extension of your team, giving you new advantages:

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10 HubSpot Tools That Streamline Your Sales Process

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/10/18 10:00 AM

HubSpot can streamline your sales process. If you're not familiar with HubSpot's sales tools, you owe it to yourself to do some digging and find out what you've been missing. Sales is a difficult game and HubSpot has built a platform that seeks to remove as much difficulty as possible. Hard work can be rewarding, but smart work is even better. HubSpot allows your team to work smarter, refine processes, and close more deals.

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5 Ways an On-Site Consulting Team Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/6/18 10:00 AM

What are the advantages of an on-site consulting team? Most business leaders understand the value of consulting, but only a few have thought through the advantages of bringing a consulting team in-house. If you're just starting to ponder the idea, keep reading. Having digital consultants in your business can be a tremendous advantage and can give your business the boost that it needs. Here's how:

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Show, Don't Tell: Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Marketing

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/27/18 10:00 AM

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have all the trappings of effective marketing tools. AR and VR are both cool. They're exciting. They're engaging. They make lead capture easier. Most of all: they give users an experience, instead of interrupting them. That aligns with how people buy things today. People are empowered to do their own research and drive their own Buyer's Journey. Traditional marketing channels are all about telling: blasting messages at potential customers whether they're interested or not. Inbound marketing, in contrast, is all about drawing customers in. AR and VR do that by offering an immersive experience that can brilliantly show a product or service. Showing beats telling every time. Augmented and Virtual Reality are making showing easier than ever in marketing. 

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Save on Shipping: AR and VR Can Bring Your Product Anywhere

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/23/18 10:00 AM

When you have an enormous product, your world can feel pretty small. Even if you sell worldwide, you're always limited by where and when you're able to show off your product. Whether you sell airplanes, bulldozers, or modular homes, your ability to ship your product to potential customers (or bring those customer to you) limits your ability to close deals. In a similar way, if you rent property or run a resort, you're often too far for people to experience what you can offer. Travel and shipping costs can be prohibitive. Don't let those costs stand in the way of your company's success. With augmented reality and virtual reality, you can take your product anywhere at a fraction of the price.

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Visit Before You Visit: Virtual Tours Are The Future

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/20/18 10:00 AM

'Try it before you buy it' applies to most major purchases. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it around the block a few times. You'd be wary of deciding on a mattress without first making sure it was supportive enough. Most people visit a college campus before they even think about applying. No one wants to commit thousands of dollars to something sight unseen. That's a challenge facing universities, resorts, and other far away destinations. If people can't visit, they're less likely to invest. Virtual tours help solve this challenge, giving consumers the ability to 'try' destinations and giving destinations the ability to show off what makes them special. 

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Use Augmented Reality to Transform Your Print Marketing

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/16/18 10:00 AM

What can you do to set your print marketing apart? In today's digital age, most print marketing collateral takes a long journey from concept to creation to a potential customer's mailbox. Then, it takes a much shorter trip from that mailbox to the nearest dumpster. It's nothing against print: it's just that the way people buy today has changed. Your potential customers are empowered to do their own research on products and services before they buy. Outbound marketing (blasting messages at customers) doesn't gel with how they prefer to do business. What can save your print marketing from the trash heap? Turn your print marketing into a digital experience.

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